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Who to call on, when you need SEO guest blog posting? Why, perhaps the best blog service around online. That’s The GuestPostShop for you. Our advantage in this niche is that we’ve been doing SEO for long enough to remember its history, but also to understand how it works in the present. If you’re looking for writers who remember algorithm updates long, long before Panda and Penguin, then you are most definitely looking for our writers. Their years of experience have allowed them to successfully guest post on top ranking sites in this field. What’s more, we guarantee that our content is informed and up-to-date enough to always get the conversation started. And there’s nothing like a conversation, measured in number of comments, to reveal the true quality of any one article.

We know that, in 2013, SEO is no longer only about links, optimized content, or even just words and coding. Nowadays, this field has expanded to include some PR, a lot of social media, and numerous other types of content, aside from the written word. We can produce articles that deal with the most innovative methods to ‘do’ SEO for video content. We understand the world of SEM and its ramifications for B2B digital marcomm, for instance. But the most important thing is that we are passionate enough about SEO to keep writing about it with enthusiasm.

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