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How to Create the Perfect Outreach Email in 10 Easy Steps

In real life people have to communicate and socialize in order to achieve certain goals. Job promotions cannot be obtained if one has no people skills, friendships cannot be tied as long as people don’t know how to verbalize their desires, and requests will never be met as long as we don’t learn how to express ourselves. The same rule applies in the virtual world, where countless of business people, entrepreneurs, writers and journalists have to interact with one another in order to establish meaningful relationships.

Outreach Email

You probably already know that guest-posting is the most efficient way of improving your site’s SEO. As a matter of fact, guest posting is about much more than simply creating that back-link in the author bio (or article body). It is the best way to reach a whole new audience, voice your opinion and share your fresh perspective. You might be inclined to believe that bloggers are really good when it comes to people skills, but this is not entirely true. In most cases, bloggers decide to write because they feel the need to express themselves, but they can’t quite understand how socializing works. If you are a writer yourself, you probably already know how difficult it is to send an outreach email to somebody, requesting a service, especially because you have no idea who may be waiting at the other end of the “call”.

It is therefore to write not good, but great outreach emails if you ever want your articles to see the light of day. A brilliant outreach email has the power to convince a blog owner that you are worthy of guest posting on his site, even before he sees your portfolio or writing samples. Follow the advice below in order to write the perfect outreach email.

Outreach email

#1 Take the time to research the site beforehand

First and foremost, you can’t simply send an email without even taking the time to check out the website a little bit. Do you honestly think that the webmaster will even consider your request if you don’t have a clue what his name is ? Considering that most blog posts are written in a conversational tone, it is safe to say that emails can also be written in such a tone. Thus, we suggest that you address the blog owner by name. This will break the tense atmosphere between you two strangers.

#2 Know What Times to Avoid

You never call somebody during lunch time, so you should definitely not send an email to someone on Sunday nights, Monday mornings, Fridays or during high spikes of clutter. If you choose to ignore this advice, the webmaster will probably also choose to ignore your email. Obviously, nobody expects you to change your entire schedule in order to send an awesome pitch during the most promising hours. For this type of stuff, there are programs like Buzzstream. With them you can schedule emails to be sent at a designated hour.

#3 Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself by stating your name, occupation and hobbies. You can even address the blog owner in a friendly or funny tone. Nevertheless, keep in mind that all blog owners have different personalities, and they might, or might not appreciate the way that you have written your outreach email. This brings us back to point number one: take the time to research the site beforehand. Understand what type of person the webmaster is, and come up with a mail that he will find enjoyable.

#4 Try to be Personal

As we were saying earlier, a successful pitch means understanding the person that you are reaching out to. What are you trying to promote or gain? What things do you have in common? Is your timing right? These are questions that you should find an answer to. Obviously, you should not address him as pal or buddy, but neither should you address him as sir.

Social Media Outreach Message

#5 Skip the Email, and Use Social Media

It is true that outreach emails are an excellent method of reaching out to someone, but in this day and age, it seems that social media has managed to monopolize all possible socialization channels If you consider that you could reach out to the blog owner through social media, don’t hesitate to do so.

#6 Never, Ever Mention the Back-Link

People who request a back-link, as reward for their guest-post, are obviously interested in one thing, and one thing only. This will not be well received by a blog owner, so even if you are going to paste your anchor link in the Author Bio, don’t mention it from the start.

#7 Give a Sincere Compliment

Emails should never begin with a request. Not only is it rude, but it is downright disgusting. In favorable situations, outreach emails begin with an honest compliment. What exactly is it that you like about the owner’s site? Is it the articles? The audience? The writing style? Don’t just throw around spammy commentaries like “Your site is awesome”, or what-not. If you really want to compliment someone, make sure you are sincere.

#8 Keep it Short

Emails should not be longer than two hundred words. Honestly, nobody has the time to read your life’s story through email. Keep the structure in mind: first comes the Hello, then the compliment, the request, what you can give in return, and the ending.

#9 Show Him Samples of Your Work

Bloggers really appreciate people who can showcase their expertise. It usually makes the difference between a reply, or a quick send to the spam box. Nevertheless, try not to go overboard. Two or three of your best articles are more than enough to prove a point.

Outreach Email

#10 Pitch Your Idea from the Start

The last piece of advice, that we consider truly useful, is to pitch your idea from the very first mail. This will not only make you appear a professional, but it will also save both of you time and effort. Bloggers appreciate it when you are considerate with their time.

How to do it:

Hello Andi,

I have been following your blog for quite a while, and I really appreciated the great advice you have given in the article about Hiking in the Apalechians.

I also have some stories of my own that I would love to share with your readership. I would be delighted if you would like to take a look at an article I wrote about my latest journey in Sri Lanka. I even took some photos!

I hope you are doing well, and I really hope you have fun on your next expedition.

Warm regards,



How not to do it:

Hello sir,

Your blog is very well researched and informative.

I would like to post an article on it, and I am willing to pay a submission fee.

Looking forward to a reply,



In conclusion, by following the advice below, you will make sure that your email is well received, and replied to. Just give it a try! I believe there is no need to point out the fact that emails must also be grammatically correct. Good luck!

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