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Six Tricks That Will Make Your Article Worth the Read

It is not easy to write quality content, especially when you are first starting out, because let’s face it, we weren’t all that attentive in lit’ classes when our teachers were trying to show us proper form, layout and article structuring. But it means that we have gaps to fill and extremely limited time to fill them in, since most content writers do want to monetize their hobby at some point. So let’s see what exactly contributes to making articles worth reading.

#1 Article Layout

The first thing a reader sees when seeing your article is the layout and the way it’s structured, and before that, he sees the article title. Not all articles need to be structured into paragraphs that are summarized in short headlines, but if your niche is related to something technical, this would be an excellent idea, because readers will want to be able to find information quickly and by saving them time, you will be gaining subscribers. A well written article will give the reader the opportunity of simply gazing over it and finding the needed information without having to read through the entire material.


Perfect Blog Post Format (Credits)

#2 Article Structure

Moreover, good articles always have a clear structure: they start with an introductory part, go on to several paragraphs where the subject is discussed at large and end with a clear conclusion, as well as references (if they are needed) or directions to further material on the same topic. If unsure at first, content writers can create structures for their articles by listing what they want to discuss in the article as bullet points, or even make a mind map with connections between each matter that needs addressing. As they gather experience, such structures will become redundant, but they represent an excellent learning base when first starting out.

Article Structure (Credits)

#3 Paragraph Format

Paragraphs are a delicate matter because they should reach a perfect balance between being short enough to be a light, pleasant read, but long enough to develop ideas, express arguments and portray the author’s view on the matter. If discussions are too long and paragraphs seem to slip away from you, simply split them up into shorter ones, but be sure to keep the main idea in focus and not go off topic. Making good use of headings is also extremely important because they contribute to clarification and structure, and having witty, unique and clever ones will always attract interest not just from subscribers but also from first time visitors. (not to mention that Google’s algorithms appreciates well-chosen headings and subheadings).

Article Paragraphs

#4 Visual Stimuli

Keeping your reader’s interest is tricky and achieving this goal may cost you long hours of typing and deleting, retyping and deleting again, but even if you are your worst enemy, there are some tricks that can spruce up any article. On the one hand, there are images. Visual stimuli will always create cohesion and spark when it comes to content writing, because cleverly picked images will stimulate the mind of your readers in different ways than writing alone can do.

It will create curiosity and without wanting to, many of your subscribers will end up reading the article in order to find some information they unconsciously connected to the picture. On the other hand, there are Infographics, tables, mind-maps and countless other tools that you can use to give your article the edge it needs. The key is to be bold and try to go over your limits and see exactly what your target audience responds to.


#5 Actual Content

Aside from actual appearance, what you write and how you write it is maybe the most important thing, more important than marketing it through social media networks, comments, likes, pins or how many of your first time visitors subscribe. You are trying to become a regular content provider, which means you want to establish yourself as an expert in the area you are writing about. This automatically translates into: “your articles need to be meticulously researched and exquisitely written”. At least in your head.

Many writers have the fear that their work is not chiseled or perfect, so they spend hours on end editing and reediting. But in most cases, your readers don’t expect Shakespearian vocabulary or out-of-this-world metaphors. They want to receive clear, concise, relevant and most of all correct information, in proper, flowing English they can all understand. So try to get over your fear that your content is still imperfect and get publishing. Time will perfect your hands and your mind.

Fresh Content

#6 Listen to Your Subscribers

Last but not least, be a keen observer of your subscribers. Respond to what interest them and provide sequels to articles that were received with praise and interest, see that you channel your efforts in providing information they react positively to and honor topic requests if they are made: because respecting your audience and targeting their needs will turn you into an excellent content writer and will put you well on your path of becoming a sought after expert.

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