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Four Reasons Thorough Use of Data Is Vital to Online Marketing

One of the main truisms, which lies at the very foundation of any type of marketing effort is that data is very, nay, extremely important. We in SEO and other forms of digital marcomm tend to take this for granted, yet we rarely ever stop to wonder precisely why statistics, facts, and figures are that important in our efforts. In today’s post we look into the depths of this issue and try to answer the age old question that has been gnawing away at marketers since forever, ‘Why is data that important, really?’

  • Data prompts you into action

When first starting out on building digital visibility and brand presence, you might find yourself at a loss of ideas on where to start. That’s because of a reality that has been referred to as ‘the avalanche of choice’. In other words, when there is so much ground to cover, where do you start? Metrics help you form one version of an action plan, to say the least. They help you prioritize your task and not dive in head first in areas of promotion that would be untimely for your website. Guest posting, for instance, is a good strategy for increasing reach, but it is time consuming, long-term and somewhat more costly than other options for promotion. It definitely does work for many online brands, but it’s not something that a newbie necessarily has to dedicate their time to.

  • Data gives you access to insights

Building on the above point, with access to information that is just a log-in click away you can discover what your readership is interested in – and so much more. Nowadays, the market is replete with tools that will allow you access to some of Google’s better guarded secrets, such as the keywords and phrases that your competition is ranking for. Couldn’t your site rank in the same niche, too?

  • Accessible data makes you feel more secure

Ever heard that old refrain, which says that humans find strength in numbers? It’s very true, in as much as creative sciences, industries, and professions have always been looked down on by those in fields of activity which rely more heavily on ‘hard’ skills and scientific observation. With the advent of the digital world and, subsequently, of observable and analyzable data, this nugget of popular wisdom has become as tangible as they come. Not only does it allow designers and copywriters to be more secure in pitching their creative efforts, but it also upgrades the level of conversation to provable facts rather than sentimental speculation.

  • Data allows you to make more efficient improvements

Say you join a new team and/or digital marketing project. If their efforts thus far have been backed by a reliable team of analysts, using the right tools, chances are you will find yourself walking right in to a comfortable professional situation. However, not crediting data with that much weight often leads to less than stellar scenarios, in which a given website is not doing enough to improve its SERP standing, or not building the right back link profile. Luckily, metrics allow you to improve on such situations with relative ease. When looking at the precise way users engage with your content (which pages hold their attention, which ones get the most organic traffic from queries), making efficient recommendations for improvement becomes a whole lot easier.

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