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Three Tips for Successful Social Media Community Management

Social media curatorship is probably the ‘hippest’ type of marketing effort currently available in the digital world. When asked, most people outside the industry will dismiss it as ‘having a job that pays you to spend all your time on Facebook.’ And they would be partly right: social media experts need to be online for the vast majority of their waking moments. Beyond that, however, this endeavor comes with its obvious up- and downsides. In what follows, we explore some best practice approaches to social media curatorship.

  • Make good use of the tools available on the market

Many social media curators and community managers complain of the massive amount of profiles and accounts they need to handle at the same time. Obviously, this can all get rather daunting, especially if you’re handling not one, but seven different clients, with different needs for social media curation and different platforms they need to improve their visibility on. Luckily, though, there are many tools available at the moment that put in a satisfying effort at merging accounts and streamlining profiles. Perhaps the best known alternative is Hootsuite, which is currently being used by some major online brands, such as the Internet Movie Database. Hootsuite is a freemium app, which means that the paid version will allow you to add as many profiles as you want and also grant access to them to as many administrators as you need.

  • Tailor your message according to the channel

Similarly, another issue which tends to affect large numbers of social media curators is the problem of repeating themselves into oblivion, by posting the exact same content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on. The solution to this is very simple: don’t do it. Yes, it will require more thought, energy, and certainly take up more of your time, but if you really want to use social media effectively, it is mandatory that you adapt your message to the specific platform you are posting it on. We have probably all seen Facebook page updates reposted on Twitter, without even making the character limit and ending up truncated. Obviously, the message gets lost in the process, since – as the old refrain goes – the medium is often part of the message. Give HootSuite a spin, to see just how easy it is to switch from one profile to another and to adapt your messages accordingly.

  • Accept your limitations

With such a large number of platforms available, both for accessing content as well as for sharing it, social media curatorship can get rather overwhelming from time to time. When you’ve got stories from several sources feeding into your three newsfeeds, constant tweets, Facebook updates and followers repinning your image on Pinterest it’s only natural to feel outnumbered. That’s why the best approach is a moderate one. In other words, feel free to test out as many platforms as your limited time will allow you to. Understand how they all work, what their boundaries are, and just how profitable they can be for the clients in your specific niche. Then cut down on the number of those which you actually end up using. No-one can be expected to successfully handle all the platforms at the same time, so you shouldn’t either. Do keep updated on all the latest platforms and metrics analysis tools, but stick to the tested-and-true ones, until further notice.


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