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Three Tips for Using Fresh New Link Research Tools

One of the most recent tools for web marketers to have hit the scene comes from none other than the SEOMoz team. Their Fresh Web Explorer is important to the development of the digital marcomm industry in that it provides professionals with a new lateral way of visualizing and analyzing data. Beyond that, however, it’s also a great tool to use in conjunction with other, already established instruments for research and analysis, such as Google metrics, Radian6, uberVU, or any other tool you might be using on a regular basis. That being said, we watched SEOMoz’s own Rand explain six advantages of using the tool to its maximum potential. We took it for a test drive ourselves and, in the end, we came up with a list of tips, tricks, and benefits for keyword research and other metrics usage prompts that might an improvement in website traffic, author recognition, and brand visibility.

Grow Your Brand

Obviously, the most immediately apparent benefit of such a tool is that it helps marketers identify fresh and new channels for doing PR and implicitly increasing their brand reach. This is the matrix of all benefits here, since opportunities for publishing come with entire host of perks, from more back links, to being co-referenced, co-cited, and generally building a stronger SEO presence around the interwebs. Another less explored boon here is that new press opportunities really help with visibility in local searches – a channel that is evidently underexplored at the moment. It’s important to note that page rank and domain authority are two vital criteria to take into consideration when deciding which links to eventually tap into.

Clues on How to Do Better Press

Stemming from the above point, of discovering new venues to get your brand written about, web marketers should also take into account that co-reference is the key benefit here. In other words, when you discover websites that might end up doing good for your brand, you will often find that they are already making use of terms in your particular niche and/or industry that you could benefit from being associated with. Similarly, they are probably also writing about brands and companies that you are in direct or oblique competition with. The sites that are publishing news and materials about all these things are the sites you stand to gain the most from, in terms of exposure and visibility. Don’t worry about the implied competition, but make use of it to your advantage.

Hints for Content Creation

Another great way to use tools such as Fresh Web Explorer is identifying content that is already being created and distributed around the web, on topics that you, too, are also trying to cover. You might be doing this in order to generate more lucrative opportunities for affiliation, or simply because you want to improve your SEO profile. Either way, this tool provides a simple and effective way to curate such content, be it in the form of reviews, news, or fresh information, that neither you, nor your readership had been previously aware of.

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