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Three Easy Tips for Better Blog Entries

When content writing is your bread and butter and the goal you have in mind is to not only write jaw dropping articles but also have well founded arguments, research is essential. Even if it may not be the most fun thing to do, it surely can be turned into something else than the mood killer it seems to have become. As a matter of fact, if you manage to find a niche that you are genuinely interested in, chances are that you will have a great time learning more on the subject.

While you will surely connect the words “research” and content writing with keyword researching, this is not all there is to it. Indeed, it is essential to speak the language of your target audience, but more importantly, it is crucial to think like your target audience if you want to be successful. You should think of a possible audience from the very beginning. The people that you are writing for are most likely socializing over Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LikedIn or Pinterest, so your challenge is to explore exactly the places where they are spending their time. Learn about their frustrations, about what makes them tick, understand what they are searching for, what they consider to be interesting content, what does not let their mind rest.


Being in tune with what it is that your audience is sharing and liking, what content sparks the most reactions, you will be creating the premises for your more successful blog entries. Here are a few tips that might make it easier for you to chose a subject on which to write.

#1 Write On Popular Subjects

Make sure to check for reoccurring topics and themes and then pick out article topics. The fastest way of picking up on the latest trends is with the help of Google or Facebook trends. Find out what it is that people are searching for, and make sure that you anticipate their queries. I’ve seen people land thousands of visits on ludicrous subjects like dancing bananas or strawberry smoothies. In other words, it is extremely likely to hit the jackpot with just about anything as long as you get the timing right. Keyword search is essential because it can help you forecast the number of visits that you will receive.

#2 Prove Your Expertise

Prove that you are an expert in your niche. In this regard I am not talking about having perfect knowledge about a particular subject, I am referring to a clear demonstration that you know what you are talking about. Don’t just re-write a subject that has been debated time and time again, without adding something unique to it. Graphs, videos, guides and diagrams are excellent tools for promoting blog entries. Moreover, they have an undeniably attractive visual appeal that people will appreciate from the moment they lay eyes upon it. Content visualizations, for example, have the power of explaining difficult concepts with the help of simple images. Instructographics are part of the DIY category which has always been popular. You must understand that the term „content” doesn’t only refer to written one. We have audio, visual and video content which is becoming more and more popular.

#3 Observe Other Writers

Make sure to research other content writers that are frequently visited. Check their writing style and topic selection. If people were interested solely in information they would probably visit article directories, or sites like Wikipedia, which are written from an objective point of view. If only content creation were that simple. Internet users nowadays are looking for that spark, that special something to fuel their thoughts and make them feel connected. They want to be part of something, and your blog can do this for them. There are many ways to write. You can make use of real-life experiences, jokes, or sarcastic remarks. The most important thing is to leave your mark on the content you create. This will set you apart from other bloggers, and believe me there are millions of bloggers out there. Why would anyone chose your article if there is nothing unique about it? Even if you aren’t an expert from the start, you can observe other bloggers. Get a clear view of their writing style, and also of the way that they engage with their readership.


All in all, you don’t need a degree in English studies in order to create successful blog entries. What you do need is a lot of research, an appropriate tone and a little bit of luck. 

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