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Top 11 Most Efficient Tools for SEO and Competitive Analysis

6. Authority Labs


SeoBook considers Authority Labs to be a “wonderfully powerful web-based tool that is super easy to use”, and this should count for something. Authority Labs is definitely a great solution for webmasters who are always on the go, who want results fast, or who are particularly interested in monitoring their online performance. I am actually willing to forgive their past transgressions (they had some problems with errors and inaccurate results last year) because they have rapidly remedied their problems. Authority Labs has come up with a brand new interface, new systems, and it seems that the tool works perfectly now. As a matter of fact, new features are being added on a regular basis, and the web-based app is super-fast. So do you need this fully automated Rank Tracking system?

authority labs

Authority Labs is the solution for you if you are trying to find a simple solution for cheaply and accurately tracking rankings of keywords on your sites. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to monitor a bundle of keywords for one site, or millions of keywords, for thousands of sites, because Authority Labs will help you with everything at the speed of light.

The Capabilities of Authority Labs

Authority Labs is another one of those tools that were designed with simplicity in mind. It is powerful, user friendly and extremely efficient. With it you will receive a trouble free web-based daily report of your online activity, that you can quickly display for your clients. Nevertheless, if your clients want in depth analysis, Authority Labs will make your life a lot simpler. Here are the main capabilities of Authority Labs:

· The Quality of Support offered by the Authority Labs is something that users will definitely appreciate. People working for this company will respond to you in a timely manner, and they will be able to solve your problems in most cases. Considering that there is not enough documentation available online at the moment, it is great to know that you can get an answer fast.

· White Label Tracking Solutions for Clients. What does this mean? Well, if you are doing SEO for your clients, A.B. will allow you to set up a white label version of their system branded with your company. In other words, if clients and employees want to access the tracking solution, it will appear in your system.

· Accurate Tracking. Like most successful SEO tools, Authority Labels strives to be the best at what they do, and what they do best is data monitoring. While some tools (like Moz or Raven dabble with many features, Authority Labs sticks to one thing that has made it so popular – this and the fact that it is easy to use and super-fast).

· Create Your Own Reports. At first glance, things may appear quite simple, but if you decide to conduct in-depth monitoring you will be surprised by the level of complexity that the Authority Labs can track. If you want to present this data to your clients or other people, you are free to make your very own charts and comparison graphs, according to different parameters and time spans.

The Main Features of Authority Labs

Authority Labs hasn’t reinvented the wheel, so we will not insist on capabilities that you are already familiar with. Nevertheless, there are a few things that we should highlight:

#1 Working with Domains

Domain categorization is very important for SEO, and the Authority Labs tool will help you better achieve better results with domains. With it you can utilize specific URL, subdomain or rood domain tracking, conduct in-depth site structures tracking with wildcards and many more. With Authority Labs you can group, sync and tag domains. For more information you should play around with the program by yourself and find what is best suited for your needs.

#2 Working with Keywords

You are probably already sick and tired of keywords, but you know what? You can’t do SEO without them! Moz knows this, Raven knows this, and apparently, Authority Labs also knows it. With the above mentioned tool you can add up to 25 keywords, group them, filter them, check their graphs, view their daily history and diagnose those that are significant for your project.

#3 Access Levels

Assuming that you are part of a company, you will definitely like this feature. With access levels you can add people to your team (gain access on selected domains for your account), create Admin levels, put together a team and give them specific domains and so on.


Unlike other tools that might seem very expensive, or they at least try to trick you when it comes to money some way or another (don’t panic, I’m just kidding!), Authority Labs was designed for the frugal entrepreneur. In other words, instead of paying for one keyword which you use once, you can track it multiple times on different engines.


Enterprise Access: 450$/month

Pro Plus Access: 225$/month

Pro Access: 99$/month

Plus Access: 49$/month

To be honest, I think I would probably purchase this sturdy tool because it offers solid pricing, as well as a 30 day trial with money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. Nevertheless, you should be willing to learn on your own as there are not many tutorials available online at the moment.

Useful Tutorials for Authority Labs:

· Video: Authority Labs Raw Export Tutorial

· Video: Authority Labs Overview

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