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Top 11 Most Efficient Tools for SEO and Competitive Analysis

2. The Moz Toolset


MOZ started as a consulting firm, but it is now developing excellent tools that include SEO marketing and optimization. The firm was recently rebranded from SEOMoz to Moz in 2013 by its founder, Rand Fiskin. To say that it is the holy grail of competitive SEO analytics would be an understatement. Besides the fact that MOZ offers an incredibly useful suite of tools to aid you with your SEO competitive, it is also powered by a great blog (you can visit it here) where experts from the industry come together in order to help us decipher the mystery that is search engine optimization.

If you want to get a complete insight about your business, present it in a visually appealing way, conduct competitive analysis, and be given hints for further development, then MOZ is the tool for you. The main reason why so many people have chosen MOZ over any other SEO tools is the value of the company: Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathic and Exceptional. The developers of MOZ are truly a generous kind, because they offer some of their most useful tools for free. We would like to break all the tools into two categories: free and paid, in order to overview them better.

2. Moz Tools

Free Web Analytics Tools by MOz

Moz has graciously decided to offer some of their most useful tools for free, in order for business people and SEO practitioners to better understand how things work. SEO metrics, quick page analysis, comparison of metrics, social media signal analysis and many other things will be taken care of by the many tools that are available in the free Moz set. Here they are:

#1 The Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a great tool for checking link popularity, as well as the state of your already existing backlinks. What it does is predict your Page and Domain authority, link root domains, and calculate a total number of inbound links for your page. While we have listed it in the free category, there is also a PRO version of the tool which requires a subscription. Nevertheless, free users can use 25 inbound links and social metrics are not available for them.

As mentioned above, it will predict the domain’s ranking potential on a search engine with the help of over 40 metrics, and also predict the possible page authority according to different metrics. One feature that you should definitely “abuse” is the Total links, which will show you all existing links to your blog. Why is this tool useful? Because bad links, broken links, or links to lower authoritative sites will damage your SEO performance, and you have to identify them and eliminate them in order to avoid problems.

In conclusion, the open site explorer is used for competitive intelligence and targeted link building, which will determine the way that your website is ranking on SERPs.

2. Moz Site Explorer

#2 GetListed

The real question for many business people is: Can Clients find me online? GetListed is here to answer that question with the help of a simple, easy to use tool that will enable you to claim the local market. Initially it was a stand-alone project, but it was purchased by MOz in late 2012. With it you can verify yourself on Google+ Local, Bing Local and Yelp listings.

2. Moz Get Listed

#3 Followerwonk

Followerwonk has recently been unveiled by Moz. It is yet another simple and efficient tool that will help you analize your Twitter metrics. Considering that social media networks have become increasingly popular, especially Twitter, it is great to know that you can compare your segments of followers, users, and also learn more about engaging with the public.

2 moz followerwonk

#4 SEO Toolbar by MOZ

The Mozbar is without a doubt my favorite tool in the MOZ suite. It is a simple, efficient and powerful software that will enable you to read metrics like Domain authority, page authority, number of links as you browse through different pages. It is exceptionally useful for people who are constantly interested in their competition, or who are trying to find suitable sites on which to guest post on. Here is what the MozBar can do for you:

· Analyze links, SEO metrics (like D.A. and P.A.) as you visit pages.

· Conduct keyword research for Google and Bing with the SERP overlay

· Highlight no-follow, follow, internal and external links which are essential for webmasters.

· Audit a page quickly with the Analyze page overlay

· Export data in an Excel document for coherent presentations.

For those who decide to subscribe for the Moz Analytics software it also offers insightful and detailed page-level analysis, including linking root domains, and subdomains as well as unlimited reports on Open Site Explorer.

2. Moz toolbar

Paid Web Analytics Tools by MOz

The free tools may be great, but the paid ones are awesome. Every respectable business who wishes to expand its online presence should definitely consider signing up for a monthly subscription for such a superb set of tools. We will now present to you the tools which are only available via paid subscription, and highlight their main features.

#1 Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool

Similar to the Market Samurai Keyword research tool, the Keyword Difficulty Tool by Moz will help you determine search volume and conduct competitive analysis for any keyword or phrase you desire. The point of this tool is to maximize your results while also minimizing the time and resources spent. What it basically does is to retrieve the top 10 rankings for a certain keyword according to different metrics. The Difficulty score is based on the pages that are currently ranking for that word, and it will show you how difficult it would be to rank for it. In a matter of clicks you will be able to determine search volume data for your keywords, pull up the top 10 results for each term and understand how your competition is doing. By prioritizing resources you will be able to make the most out of your efforts, while also running regular reports to spot new competitors and to understand how your chosen keywords are ranking.

#2 MOZ On-Page Grader

As far as on-page optimization tools are concerned, the Moz Grader is definitely worth a try. It is a tool that will provide you with instant and coherent audits for your on-page SEO efforts. As a result, it will provide you with actionable insights that will lead to a better site, and better rankings. As a matter of fact you can run weekly SEO Audits automatically in order to better understand if your SEO efforts are paying off. The Audit tool will give you a score in accordance with over 30 rigurous criteria. It is the best way to take control of your ongoing keyword optimization and on-page SEO techniques.

2. moz page grader

#3 Fresh Web Explorer

Social Media has become a determining factor when it comes to the success of an online business. The multiple networks are essential for business branding, traffic, and user engagement. This is why the Fresh Web Explorer is another tool you will definitely need to use. This great software uses the power of the Freshscape index in order to identify the freshest mentions of your brand, industry topics, or any other key terms that might interest you. The Feed authority metric will rank mentions according to their importance, by making use of over 79 million URLs and 4 million RSS feeds. By using Fresh Web Explorer you will be able to understand the latest trends, and to better determine what content is relevant for the World Wide Web. 

2. Moz fresh web explorer

#4 MOZ Rank Tracker

We may have mentioned the MOZ Rank Tracker last, but this doesn’t mean that it is not an exceptional tool. The motto “Save time and improve results” is the perfect description for a tool that retrieves vital search engine rankings for pages and keywords. You can store them for later comparison, track your subscribers, rankings, and sign up for email notifications over time in case your rankings change. The Rank Tracker works with Google, Yahoo and Bing!, which means approximately the entire volume of internet searches. It is yet another competitive analysis tool that will help you better understand search engine results in order to compare yourself with key contenders in the industry. Furthermore, it will enable you to discover opportunities that would have probably been unknown to you before.

2. Moz rank tracker

Other MOZ Tools Worth Mentioning:

The above mentioned tools are the ones featured on the official Moz site, but there are also other tools worth mentioning. I will not bother to detail the API tools as they are dedicated to business people who love data. In short, the Mozscape API and Social Authority API will help you increase workflow and integrate social engagement metrics with your own marketing campaigns. In other words, the API tools let you build your own processes, tools, software and prioritize marketing activities. Let’s take a look at a few tools that are extremely useful:

· SEO Web Crawler: Have you ever heard of the little things called crawlers, which go through pages and determine their authority? In case you have you will also know how important it is for these crawlers to move freely through your pages. The SEO Web Crawler tool will help you see how your site appears in the eyes of Google. So if you have a broken link, you will be able to fix it.

· Linkscape Visualization and Comparison: Visual content has always been important for businesses who want to present their performances and so on. If you are a visual person you will definitely be excited by this tool, because it gives you metrics in a visual format.

· Link Acquisition Assistant: is a tool that gives you an overview of how to get links manually with the help of Google searches. You get a list of criteria which you can tick in order to find possible link partners. It is not very fun to use but it will save you important time.


These are the main features of MOZ that you should consider before subscribing for the service. Nevertheless, Moz is not only about the tools, it’s also about the pro webinars, private questions and contact with top specialists that will help you optimize your pages. No matter how much information has been planted online about SEO, there are still certain things that you will only find out about behind closed doors.


2. moz api

Moz API Price

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