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Top 11 Most Efficient Tools for SEO and Competitive Analysis

Wrapping Up…

We have finally reached the ending point of our wonderful journey. We have managed to mention and discuss in detail eleven SEO tools which have proven that they are efficient for expanding the authority of a site, growing online presence, link-building and keyword research. As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the tools were presented in a random order, and I truly believe that it is impossible to create an ultimate top ten, because every tool is unique in its own right.


The top was created according to personal preferences. I am well aware of the fact that there are numerous tools available online for enthusiastic webmasters. I have tried to present each suite in the best way that I can, and I have focused on their positive aspects, because this is what you want to know. You want to know what a tool can do, not what it cannot do. Most reviews have focused on the strengths of each tool in order to make your decision easier.


Nevertheless, although this article wishes to make decision making easier, you should definitely try the tools out (if it is possible). Different sites use different suites, and most people are more than contempt with the decision that they have made. It is ultimately up to you to decide which tool is best suited for your needs. What you will have to take into consideration when growing a site is: social metrics, backlinks and link building strategies, keyword research, PPC marketing, internet marketing and on-site page optimization.

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