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Top 11 Most Efficient Tools for SEO and Competitive Analysis

11. SEO Suite


Are you looking for the best SEO Suite available on the market? Do you want to outrank competitors, save money, and improve your SEO? While I do not believe that there is a ultimate SEO tool (because each and every tool has its strengths and weaknesses), I also consider that SEO Suite is one of the most inspired choices that you could ever make for your business. The software has grown tremendously over the years. At first it was a simple bundle of tools, but know it includes a full-featured package of software that will help you track, analyze, and report Website traffic and SEO. It is compatible with search engines like Yahoo, MSN and Google. Developed by Apex Pacific, SEO Suite aims to give SEO specialists as well as DYI webmasters the complete toolkit for a large-scale campaign.

From the first moment you open the dashboard, the tool will ask you to wait for updates. Make sure you wait! The great thing is that the main window will display a set of tutorials that you should definitely check out in the meanwhile. There is a great number of guides for SEO Suite, so even if you are not the most experience user, you will be able to get the hang of things fast. The interface of the dashboard is user-friendly, so you will quickly understand how things work. You will see many toolbars like

Optimizer, Submission, Reporting and Links which open up in the sidebar. From here on you can start to create your own projects.

The Main Features of SEO Suite

Among the many features you will also see Client Summary Report, Keyword Builder, Meta Tag Editor, and the Competitor Analysis tabs. The Truth is that this is a full-fledged SEO tool, and developers have thought about every detail carefully. Let’s take quick look at the most important features:

#1 Competitor Analysis

According to TopTenReviews, SEO Suite has received the perfect score for the Competitor Analysis tool, and this should not come as a surprise. The tool meets all criteria, and it offers perfect insights on how other companies are doing. With it you can conduct website analysis, rank comparison, ranking reports, keyword analysis and customized ranking reports. In other words, all the data you find and compare you can add in coherent reports for later use.

#2 Submission Tools

Another tool that shines is the Submission Tool. It offers seamless results in the department of article submission, website location, directories, status reporting and automated submissions. In addition to this you will also receive tips for manual submissions and tool submissions. One thing I do not recommend, however, is submitting article to directories, as they have been severely punished by Google’s Penguin.

#3 Customer Service

To be honest, I wasn’t at all impressed with the quality of customer service. Sure, you have support FAQs, a trial download, and online tutorials, but you will not benefit from live chat, intranet support, user forums, money-back guarantees, and most importantly: a ticket system. If you are ever in need you will be better off asking someone you know that is experienced.

#4 Performance Reporting

Another powerful feature of SEOSuite is Performance reporting. The reports and graphs may not be visually appealing (an important aspect of presentation), but they are accurate. On the other hand, the ROI calculator, index checker, visitor analysis, traffic statistics and performance trends are top-notch.

#5 Link Building and Management

In terms of link building and management, SEO suite offers a sturdy set of tools such as link exchange locator, internal and external link monitoring, customized reports and backlink checkers, so it will easy for you to track your link building campaigns across multiple domains and URLs.

In conclusion, SEO Suite is not just another tool for search engine optimization and internet marketing, it is a leading product in this specific niche. As long as you are willing to be consistent, you will definitely see results. What I really appreciate about it is the fact that it caters for the needs of both SEO consultant and DYI webmaster. It is perfect for small business and large businesses alike because it has different levels of access according to the needs of everyone.


Apex Pacific has done a great job with this tool, which is constantly being upgraded and improved. They have understood that everyone has different SEO needs, and this is exactly why they have created a comprehensive set of tools. The 25 essential SEO tools will ultimately gain you higher rankings with the help of web site optimizers, search engine submitters, link building tools and reporting tools. It was designed with speed and simplicity in mind, and it has achieved its goals.


Proffesional access: 199.95$/month

Standard Access: 119.95$/month

Corporate Access: 299.95$/month

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