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Top 11 Most Efficient Tools for SEO and Competitive Analysis

10. Majestic SEO


Next up in our top 10 SEO Tools is a review of Majestic SEO’s suite. According to the company, MajesticSEO is by far the largest (and freshest) index of its kind that is publicly available. At the moment it has 523 billion indexed pages, and two trillion mapping relationships (URL pointing to URL). Any link builder who knows what he is doing will tell you that Majestic SEO is an indispensable tool. First of all you should know that there are four levels of access for this superb software. The paid plans range from 29.99 £ to 250.00 £/month.  We would like to review the four main tools: the Site Explorer, Backlink History Checker, Link Map Reports and Link Intelligence API.

Majestic SEO uses its own web crawler, “MJ12”, which keeps its own database of the web. The entire project belongs to Majestic-12 LTD, and its goal is to create a high-quality search engine that will compete with other search engines in the future. The whole idea is to make use of distributed computing. In other words, the crawlers work from thousands of personal computers when they are idle. Nevertheless, today we will discuss about the Majestic SEO suite, and its uses. There are eight major report sections that this tool has: Overview, Domain URLs, Ref Domains and TLDs, anchors, daily updates, download and options. They also have a blog! Check it out to learn more.

The Main Features of Majestic SEO

Like most SEO tools, Majestic SEO has its strength and weaknesses. Nevertheless, it has been reviewed as the number one link-building SEO tool of the moment. Unlike most tools which have integration with third parties, Majestic SEO uses its own crawlers. In addition, according to a recent study, it is the most effective tool for discovering links, domains, and links to links. Let’s take a look at its four fundamental tools.

#1 Site Explorer

Majestic SEO’s site explorer is truly a majestic tool that every determined SEO specialist should have in his toolset. It takes your URL and returns an enormous amount of information (summary, reffering domains, top pages, top backlinks etc..). Every section will be displayed on the results page, and if you want to see more detailed information all you have to do is to click on the rubric.

One thing you should keep in mind is the fact that Majestic SEO has a Fresh Index and a History Index. As the names state, the fresh index refers to information gathered in the past month, while the history index contains information since the “beginning of time”. The main benefit of Majestic Site Explorer is the quality of back-ink information which will help you understand how a site managed to rank so well. It is the perfect tool for link builders and guest posters who are always searching for high-quality pages on which to post.

#2 Backlink History Checker

Another excellent link monitoring tool is the backlink checker. You will receive information from the fresh and historic index. In addition to this, the domain information gives you your referring domains and external backlinks which are broken down into educational and governmental. Referring IP addresses, indexed URLs, nofollow links, redirects, deleted links and many more information will be displayed in their respective columns. There is also such a thing called Majestic Million which rates the top one million domains according to Majestic SEO. There is a lot more data to take into consideration but you should keep one thing in mind. It is essential to gather this information in order to better understand if you are linking to the correct sites, and also track them as you strive to improve your SEO.

#3 Clique Hunter

The Clique Hunter tool will allow you to enter up to ten unique root domains that you can keep an eye on. In other words, if you have created links for your site, for good sites that is, and you want to know if the links will be alive for a long time, you can easily track them. The thickness of the lines indicates that more links are coming from the same domain. Once again, you have an myriad of filters that will help you focus on the most important sites.


#4 Neighborhood Checker

Once again, you can choose to check through historic or fresh data. The Neighborhood checker uses either domain or IP address, and it will help you get an idea of which you should steer clear. Upon entry you will receive a column for cohosted sites on your IP and cohosted sites on your subnet. It is recommended to use this tool in conjunction with others in order to create a clear picture of what exactly is going on down there.

All in all, MajesticSEO is complex and powerful tools which are especially recommended for link-builders (it seems that I enjoy repeating myself). Not only is it highly intuitive, but it is also easy to understand. Developers have created a great blog on which you can search for specific features. Everything is clear and easy to understand, so even if you are not a SEO professional, you will soon get the hang of things. One more thing I would like to mention is the API. The API will enable you to access key functions which will enable you to run a set of monthly reports. As far as reports are concerned, for the free subscription you will receive standard reports related to what MajesticSEO thinks is important. The Advanced reports will tell you absolutely everything there is to know.



MajesticSEO is an incredibly advanced and solid SEOTool, and even if you are not planning on using it for your SEO campaign, you should at least give it a test-drive. It has all the major qualities of an excellent tool: speed, intuitivity and complexity. If you are afraid of the many features, you should know one thing: it is better to be able to do more, than to do less.

Price: (Excluding VAT)

Free Access: Free

Silver access: 39.90euro/month – 399.90 euro/year

Gold Access: 129.90euro/month – 1290.90 euro/year

Platinum Access: 299.99euro/month – 2999.90euro/year

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