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Frequently Asked Questions


What is guest posting?
Guest posting is the process through which a website publishes content generated by creators outside their editorial team. Also, the term refers to creating that content, which is then subsequently published by a website that accepts guest posts. It is an increasingly popular strategy for diversifying a website’s back link portfolio, increasing traffic, networking with fellow content creators and/or webmasters, and boosting brand awareness.

What is guest blogging?
Guest blogging is a form of guest posting, in which an author has their content published on a blog other than their own. Typically, writers will submit an article or content pitch to the webmaster of a platform that accepts guest posts. After the pitch is approved, the content submitted, reviewed, and edited accordingly, it goes live on the Internet.

Why do I need guest posting services?
The Internet is a lot like that famous saying: “If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it fall, does it make a sound?” Likewise, if an online brand provides great quality products or services, but has no audience to communicate with, can it ever hope to achieve success? In order to thrive online, brands need visibility. This translates into more links leading back to their website, more traffic, and ultimately, improved sales figures and profitability.
Guest posting services will do just that for you – they will put your name out there, by associating your brand with informative, relevant, and unique written content. They will generate quality links leading back to your site, and links are still the most valuable currency on the Internet. But, most importantly, they will get people talking about your company in the most natural and organic way available in Internet marketing.

Will guest posting services guarantee ranking?
Yes, guest posting does equal a better PageRank – but only when done right. If you’ve tried your hand at this strategy before, only to deal with duplicate content, word spinning, keyword stuffing, and unnaturally introduced links, you may believe that guest posting can’t really do anything to improve traffic to your website. In fact, you may have done more harm than good to your online brand. This is precisely why you have arrived at the right spot, by visiting The GuestPostShop website.
The GuestPostShop has helped numerous webmasters improve the ranking of their websites. How? By providing good content, which readers enjoy and which makes them click on client links. Our agency has enabled brands to stand out from the crowd and increase their Google ranking through good strategizing, consistent content, and engaging discussions generated around the content.

Who writes the content for your guest articles?
The GuestPostShop has been active online for two years and the writers it employs have as much as five years of experience in online copywriting under their belt. All our staff has been trained in SEO, link building, and guest writing. They are able to generate native-quality content in a wide range of niches and have proven their expertise in a wide range of fields, from fashion and tourism, to banking, real estate, and insurance. All our content is checked for originality, fact accuracy, and language. Your guest articles will be written by professional writers only.

Is the content unique and 100% original?
Yes, The GuestPostShop strictly delivers original content, thoroughly checked by our team of editors. However, we also encourage our clients to do more than take our word for it. There are plenty of free plagiarism checkers available online. We invite you to run any material published by us through any of these tools and then decide about the uniqueness and originality of our content for yourself.

Can we review the content before it’s used?
Yes, The GuestPostShop invites its clients to review all the materials we deliver as part of an account. Should you decide to work with us, you will receive all the content for approval, as well as the lists of websites on which we intend to publish the posts. You can personally review each item – if and only if you want to. Once an order is finalized, you will also receive a report containing all the live links, which you can also choose to review for accuracy and suitability.

Are the blogs you use part of a private network?
The websites and blogs we publish our guest content on are selected through a strenuous and selective outreach process. In our years of experience with guest posting, we have amassed a large number of contacts among webmasters from the most diverse fields. Their sites broadcast on a wider range of topics, which enables us to cater to the specific guest posting needs of each of our clients. We do not engage in link schemes or other guest posting strategies that Google disavows. Proof? Our long-standing track record of client satisfaction.

Can I see an example of your previous guest post?
Sure! Just head on down to the Showcase and Blog sections of our website. You will get a feel of our writing style and quality. We can also privately deliver samples of our previous guest posts in the niche of your interest, should you be looking for more information on this topic.

Do you deal with Adult/Gambling/E-cigarette/ other difficult niches?
Our team of seasoned writers has successfully handled such difficult niches before. We have provided informative, educational, and engaging content on adult topics, electronic cigarettes, and other similarly challenging services and products. However, The GuestPostShop will never help promote any form of illegal activity, irrespective of niche. All our content is in compliance with international marketing and advertising regulations.

Do you target websites that request a review fee?
Some of the websites on which we publish our guest content do request a review fee. Such cases are always discussed with the client, when establishing a budget and pricing for each individual project. What is more, we allow our clients to review the list of websites we intend to target for publication. Each site is approved by the client before posting, including those that may require review fees for submission.

What is turnaround time?
The turnaround time on each guest post order depends on the details of that particular account. Timelines and deadlines are discussed with each client individually, at the beginning of each project. Depending on the quantity of material requested by the client, its perceived difficulty, and targeted authority rank for guest posting websites, turnaround times are negotiated from the get-go. They are mutually agreed by client and agency and The GuestPostShop assumes responsibility for observing the deadlines specified by the client. At the moment, our company is able to generate 500 guest posts per month, all upward of 1,000 words. (This is not a joke, we can show reports)

Can I select the sites you publish on?
The websites we intend to publish on are reviewed by each client, as per their decision. In other words, if you want to approve the sites, you are more than welcome to. Our guest posting process involves an intermediary stage, during which clients receive both the written content and the targeted websites for review. Pending your domain authority level of choice and niche, you may approve or reject the sites we suggest.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments made via most types of trusted Internet escrows, such as PayPal.

What kind of backlinks are you building to the guest blog posts?
The backlinks we provide are strictly natural and editorially verified. We do not aim to manipulate the Page Rank algorithm by engaging in link schemes or other practices that search engines frown upon. Our goal is to boost the visibility of our clients’ brands and we work toward achieving it through quality content. We are good at creating communities around brands, by providing content that will get a conversation started – and that content includes top quality links, with as much ‘link juice’ as possible.

Does this service violate any search engine policies?
Google’s recently updated guidelines for guest posting are the standard on which we base our practices. When choosing to work with The GuestPostShop, you can be sure you are engaging in strictly white hat digital marketing strategies. We have never used word spinners, bought links massively, partaken in link schemes, or used any other resource that any search engine might frown upon. We do not stuff our content with keywords and we pay great attention to naturally inserting links into articles. Quality is our main policy and you can convince yourself of this by checking out our client portfolio.

Is this a subscription service?
Payment methods are agreed upon at the beginning of each project. Depending on your guest posting needs, you can either choose to work with us on a one-off contract basis or embark upon a long-term guest blogging campaign. We favor the latter approach, since guest posting is a gradual process, whose results can be best gauged in time.

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