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With a focus on growth and quality, the Guest Post Shop team is always on the look-out for dedicated, driven, and creative professionals. Want a career in digital marketing? Then get in touch with us, via the contact form, if

  • You think of your creativity as an instrument able to generate profit;
  • You pride yourself in being an independent and critical thinker;
  • You set high standards for yourself, as well as others;
  • You have the professional ethics required to work a flexible job;
  • You think quality work is the shortest route to profit.

Why work for us?

First off, because you want a job. As in, actually want one, instead of testing the waters to see what sticks. Then, we’re a great team to work with, because:

–  You’ll get your very own personal project to oversee, develop, and manage – and you’ll receive a percentage of the income it generates;

–  We offer flexible hours and independence in terms of schedule management;

–  You receive fair payment: you can earn just as much as you’re willing to work for;

–  We’ve grown in a short time and we’re constantly expanding and developing – just take a look at our portfolio and customer testimonials;

–  We genuinely value creativity and quality work.

Here’s whom we’re looking for and a brief outline of what they should be able to do:

  • Sales Manager

–          Bring in new business by generating sales leads;

–          Liaise between clients and creative department in order to ensure the quality of the work we deliver;

–          Communicate with clients and webmasters on a regular basis.

  • Writer

–          Develop quality original content;

–          Research trends and studies in various fields of expertise, including (but not limited to) tech, medical, banking, tourism, etc.;

–          Deliver material that meets company standards (no copy/paste or spinning!) and client demands.

  • Project Manager

–          Work out feasible timelines for individual projects;

–          Ensure the meeting of deadlines, posting of content, and quality of material;

–          Oversee tangent activities, such as post comments, forum posts, social media, etc..