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15 Secrets that Will Make You a Better Guest Poster

Hello mister blogger, do you want to grow your brand new blog? Sure you do. There are many ways in which you can do this, and all of these things have to do with social networking, search engine optimization and content marketing. In a way, content marketing is connected to search engine optimization. But how exactly can you attract different types of visitors to your blog? Writing guest-posts and writing comments on various blogs seem the most viable solutions.

Guest Posting Secrets

Guest Author

Guest-posting, in particular, can be a great way to attract more targeted traffic. However, in order to be successful with this strategy, you must respect a few rules. Writing the guest article isn’t the most important part of guest-posting (although it is indeed important). From initial contact, to commenting on your recently posted article, everything must be done with the utmost care. Here are 15 tricks that will guarantee that land your article every time.

1. What does the Blogger need?

More often than not, guest-posters concentrate on their needs more than on that of the blog owner. Pitching your article, the initial contact, and the conversational tone that you use in the email will have a dramatic impact on the way your request will be received. We will discuss about the best way to approach a webmaster in a future article. However, what you should definitely keep in mind is the fact that you can’t just request something from someone without having the courtesy to interest yourself in their needs. It is a lack of respect. Try to put yourself in the person’s place, and decide whether or not you would enjoy the email.

Guest Posting Secrets

Outreach Email

2. “Flaunt” Your Achievements

Flaunt may not be the best word, but if you want webmasters (especially those from highly authoritative sites) to acknowledge you as a contributor, you should definitely have a portfolio prepared, or at least a few samples of your work. Send a few examples of your work, or give them an example of how you can write, which sites you have contributed to an so on.

3. Create a Connection

An outreach email isn’t meant only to let the other party know of your desire to guest-post. It is a bridge between you and another blogger that shares your opinions (considering that you are only posting on niches related to your own), so do make sure that you come across as a considerate human being. Leave the door open for future projects.

Guest Blogging Secrets

Create a Meaningful Connection

4. Take a Look Around

The most important thing that you should do before sending the initial outreach email is to conduct research on the blog. You can’t just shoot random emails, at random blogs and expect a response. You must read the About Us page, learn the name of the blog owner, read a few articles in order to understand a little bit about who they are and how they write, and only after should you attempt to send a message. It would be even better if you were actually a regular reader.

5. Check Your Tone

There are many ways to approach a site owner, and the truth is that there is no “perfect” recipe. All bloggers are different, and if you follow their websites, you might get a sense of who they really are. The best way is to show your true nature. If you are a funny guy, be funny (but never impolite). In addition, try not to be arrogant, fake or disrespectful.

Guest Posting Secrets

Beware of your Tone

6. Understand the Blog

Why exactly do you want to write on THAT blog? Only for the link? There must be something more. There are certain sites on which writers want to post with all their hearts. For me, it was SlyMarketing. I have no idea why (it was probably the blog owner that impressed me), but I really wanted to send an article there. I’m sure you have a site that you want to post on. Why is that? What is the site missing, what value can you provide? Make sure you find answer to these questions beforehand.

7. Let the Webmaster Know You Appreciate Him

An honest compliment here and there can go a long way. Obviously, you should refrain from phrases such as “your blog is awesome”, “I really appreciate your work”. Fake compliments are so transparent that they will only piss off the webmaster. If you really want to pay your respects, do so from the heart. Say exactly what it is that you like (or don’t like) about his writing style, information, web design etc.

8. Create a Portfolio

While it is OK to aim high, it will impossible to post on Huffington Post from the very beginning. The most efficient way is to start low, and make your way to the top. Post on lower authoritative sites in order to showcase your skill, and slowly advance. Take into consideration not only domain authority and page rank, but also social media signals.

Guest Blogging Secrets

Create a Portfolio

9. Don’t be Overwhelmed

It is only natural to feel a little bit nervous and excited when writing your guest-post. You want it to be great, you want the audience to like it, and that is perfectly fine, but don’t let writer’s blockage get in the way of your writing. Take the time to find your inspiration, relax, and write when you have the best possible state of mind.

10. Reference Other Sites and Sources

On the road to the perfect guest-post, you have probably found inspiration on various sites. It would be polite, and effective to give credit to these sources. This way, possible readers will have the possibility to learn more about the topic at hand. You should also give proper credit to images when required.

11. Understand What the Reader Wants

Remember, when guest-posting, you are not writing for SEO, you are writing for real people, so make sure you keep their needs in mind. Will they benefit from your article? Will they learn something new? Will they laugh, acquire a new skill or be inspired? You can’t just throw words around and expect people to accept them. Find a great topic, and write the best way you can.

Guest Blogging Secrets

Understand the Reader

12. Be Passionate About Your Work

Passion has a way to transcend the barrier between mental and physical, and when it comes to writing, readers will immediately sense if you have put this passion in your words. As a matter of fact, you could write about anything you like as long as you portray it with such emotion that people will not resist.

13. Now is the Time to be a Little Arrogant

Do you feel that you have written something awesome? Then there is no shame in being a little arrogant. Once again, maybe I have not used the perfect word to describe this feeling. It is more like pride, but it is also arrogance in a sense, because there is no palpable evidence to prove that you have truly written something great. Nevertheless, as long as you believe in yourself, others will also believe in you.

14. Submit Your Article in HTML

Many bloggers will not ask this of you, but they will approve of you if you send your article in, in HTML form, perfectly formatted with images, videos and any other type of content that you have inserted. You should learn the most important codes, or edit the text in a WordPress Dashboard. Not only will this make the webmaster’s life easier, but he will also appreciate the consideration that you have shown to him.

Guest Posting Secrets


15. Don’t be Afraid of Failure

Sometimes things workout well, sometimes they don’t. This doesn’t mean that you were not worthy of having your article published, but as I mentioned earlier, bloggers are very different from one another and what may appeal to one, may not appeal to the other. Always persevere, strive to become better, and never give up.

Are you ready to get it right? Good look with your guest-posting campaign, and don’t forget to follow the advice above.

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